Trichy or Tiruchirappalli Information

Trichy is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu.  It is located on the banks of river Cauvery.  Another name of Trichy is Tiruchirappalli.  This city has numerous temples and monuments.  It is an important tourist destination in Tamilnadu.

Tiruchirappalli General Information

Tiruchirappalli has beautiful churches, mosques and missions dating back to 1760s.  This trading city has fine infrastructural facilities. Modern Trichy is developed around the Rock Fort and it is a commercial city as well as pilgrim centre.   It has well connected roads and Railways to all the important cities in our country.  Trichy airport has flights to Chennai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia and Colombo etc.  

Trichy History

Trichy was the capital of Cholas in 1 AD.  Later it came under the reigns of Pallavas they could not keep hold the city for long and lost it to the Pandyas.  Pallavas and Pandyas fought many times to control Trichy. The Cholas reasserted themselves to control over the city in 10th century.  The Vijayanagar Empire of Hampi ruled over the city after the fall of Cholas.  The forces of Deccan Sultan defeated Vijayanagar Emperors in 1565.  Then the city passed in to the hands of Nayaks of Madurai.  They built the Rock Fort, the icon of Trichy. It was also ruled by the Marathas, the Nawabs of Carnatic, the French and finally by the British. The Rock Fort played an important role in the 18th century Carnatic wars.  

Trichy Tourism Information

Trichy Tourism has lot of enthusiastic, cultural and architectural Heritage places. They are Rock Fort, Grand Anaicut, Samayapuram Mari Amman Temple, Srirangam Renganathar Temple, Thiruvanaikkaval Jambukeshwarar Temple, Kumaravayalur Murugan Temple and Mukkombu etc. 

Tiruchirappalli Rock Fort

Rock Fort is the important Land Mark in Trichy.  It is about 83m (237 feet) high rock that is the only out crop of in the flat land of the city.  The main attraction of the rock fort is the Uchi Pillaiyar Koil perched at the top of the rock. This temple is dedicated to lord Vinayaka or Ganesh.  We can reach it through a flight of 344 steps.  A panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed from here.  We can see the rock cut cave temples built during the pallava regime on the southern surface of the rock.  The caves are full of beautiful sculptures.  This cave temple belongs to the pallava period and Pallava king Mahandra Varman built this cave temple with the beautiful carving Gangadhara.  The winding river and temples of Srirangam and Thiruvanai Kaval can be seen from the northern side. 

Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple

Sri Thayumanaswamy or Mathrubutheswarar Temple is on the half way of the Uchipillaiyar Koil in the Rock Fort.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva.  It has 100-pillared hall and a Gold Plated Vimana. 

Nadirshah Mosque

Nadirshah Mosque is about 4km from the Central Bus stand near the Main Guard Gate.  This mosque contains the remains Nawabs Mohammed Ali and the headless body of Chanda Sahib who were the principle cause for the carnatic war. The tomb of saint Babbayya Nadir Shah attracts the devotees of all faiths in large number. 


Srirangam is about 7km from Trichy.  It is an island between Cauvery and Kollidam.  Srirangam is one of the most important vaishnavite pilgrim centres.  The main deity of this temple is Sri Renganatha Swamy is lying on his Adi Sesha (snake) couch.

Tiruchirappalli Government Museum

Government Museum is located at Rani Mangammal mandram 19, Bharathidasan road.  This museum has a fine of collection of bronze and stones sculptures.

Tiruchirappalli Planetarium

The Anna Science centre Planetarium is located on Pudukkotai road, near airport the daily programs are show with English and Tamil commentaries.

Thiruvanaikkaval or Jambukeswarar Temple

Thiruvanaikkaval is about 5km from Trichy and 2km from the east of Srirangam.  The main deity of this temple is Lord Siva.  The temple is named Tiru aanaikka because an elephant is believed to worship the Sivalingam with flowers and water brought in his trunk so it is called as Jambukeswarar and the Lingam is set under a Jambu tree. It is one of the panchabhoota stalams of water.  This temple has excellent architecture.  The Sivalingam here is always half submerged in water and fully submerged during the monsoon.

Tiruchirappalli Grand Annicut (Kallanai)

Kallanai is a beautiful picnic spot near Srirangam.  It is about 19km from Trichy.  Karikal Chola built Kallanai in 2nd century.  This dam is about 329m long and 20m wide.  It indeed is one of the greatest marvel engineering in India.  It is one of the oldest dams in our world.

Tiruchirappalli Upper Annaicut (Mukkombu)

Mukkombu is another import picnic spot near Srirangam.  It is about 18km from Trichy.  The Length of this dam is about 685m.  The dam was built on the river Kollidam in the 19th century at the head of Srirangam Island.

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Trichy General Information

Trichy Area
5114 sq. km
Trichy Population  
27,13,858 (Census 2011)
Tiruchirapalli Rainfall
 746.8 mm (Annual)
Climate Over all Average

Max 37.2 °C Min 20.6°C

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Trichy to Chennai 
316 km
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